Mac OS X OpenVPN Tunnelblick Setup

  • Step 1:
    Download Tunnelblick 4.3, then Install. (Tunnelblick is the OpenVPN client for Mac)

    Step 2:
    Double click Tunnelblick, Click on I have configuration files.

    Step 3:
    On the new interface, select OpenVPN Configuration(s).

    Step 4:
    Then an Empty Tunnelblick VPN Configuration file will be opened automatically, click on Done

    Step 5:
    Click Download OpenVPN Configuration files(you can download several ones), then Certificate files(ca.crt  and ta.key).

    Step 6:
    Put all of the Configuration files into the Empty Tunnelblick VPN Configuration file in Step 4.

    Step 7:
    Rename the file with the suffix '.tblk', for example, 'US-New York.tblk'. Then click Add in the new dialog box.

    Step 8:
    Double click the renamed file, you will see the following dialog, select All Users.

    Step 9:
    On the new dialog, click OK.

    Step 10:
    Click the Tunnelblick icon on the right corner of the desk, you will see available OpenVPN connections.

    Step 11:
    Click Connect US-New York and enter into your Bucklor Username and Password to authenticate your login.

    Step 12:
    Then it will remind you are Connected. You can click Disconnected to log off.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Am I missing something or does that have nothing to do with pfSense?

    It looks like it's for connecting Tunnelblick to someone's VPN provider (and not pfSense)

    Curious why it was posted here, rather than a forum dedicated to OpenVPN directly (or that specific VPN provider)

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