2FA using authy soft token

  • I already use authy (an android one-time-key app) for various website 2-factor-auth and noticed they do an OpenVPN "plugin" https://www.authy.com/products/openvpn#installation

    I already have OpenVPN set up on pfSense.

    Has anyone successfully used this plugin to add authy to the OpenVPN authentication, and/or is a package planned for this? If not, I'd like to make a feature request - authy is really nice compared to google authenticator and being able to use it with pfSense as a cheap halfway house between just certificates, and a full hardware token would be great.

  • I'm also interested in this, if anyone has a working solution using authy please share.  Thanks!

  • Can we get an answer on this?

  • Nearly all 2FA solutions are supported via LDAP or RADIUS. Most 2FA solutions are in active production use with pfSense and have been for years. Authy should work via LDAP, but if you search a bit you'll find out apparently while they claim LDAP support, it doesn't actually work. If their LDAP functions, authy will work via LDAP.

  • I'm also interested in any write-ups from people who have gotten this to work. Thanks in advance!

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