Blank User Account Box at User Manager

  • Hi,

    I'm using pfsense 2.1.3

    Before the restore I have 3 user accounts when accessing pfsense.

    But my backup config only have 2 user accounts.

    After the restore, the two user account were restored and 1 blank user account box.

    I tried clicking the delete button on the side of the blank user account box but it can't be deleted.

    How can I delete the blank user box?


  • Hello.

    If you know how to handle 'vi' and you are willing to some editing yourself:

    Open an SSH (or telnet) session.
    Menu option '8'.
    Search (the / command)
    <user>After <user>your 3 users are listed.
    You will find blocks like these:


    Delete everything concerning the user that shows up blanc.
    Save and quit.
    (with Escape : w q + enter)

    Maybe you should restart pfSense.
    Add you third user.

    Btw: can you list the details about this third user - as I did above ? What's so special about it , Strange characters ?</user></user>

  • I had this exact case a few months ago and yes, it was a user with a missing slash or something like that in the XML.

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