Remote access to certain pages

  • I would like to allow access to the file status_rrd_graph_img.php remotely, without prompting for a UN and password, but only on this specific file!

    Ive had a look around, and I cant find any .htaccess files on the system, so how would I go about doing this?


  • This is not possible without altering code and that is not something we would recommend unless you are comfortable with PHP.

  • Well, I am pretty comfortable with Php, but still am not quite sure what I have to edit out?

    Ive found the file, and that seems to be where lighty does all its authentication.

    I suppose the other option I have is to push the rrd files out from the machine every 5 mins, or rsync them, modify the graph script and process them remotely?


  • I was looking for the same solution for some time.

    I think rsyncing or SCP-ing them every 5 min is the best.

    In 1.3 I thought this would be a feature.

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