OpenVPN with hifn 7955 slower than without

  • My config:
    pfSense 2.1.3, Alix 2D13, Soekris 1411 (hifn 7955), AES-128-CBC, glxsb deactivated (in the advanced settings "Cryptographic Hardware: None", as required for this config)

    If I test this config, I get lower transfer rates, than without hifn, only with builtin AMD Geode LX Security Block. The Hifn chip should bring around 34 Mbps, but I'm far away from this rate.

    Can anybody tell me, how i can reach this rate or test if hifn 7955 is really used?
    In the log is only the entry "openvpn[32226]: Initializing OpenSSL support for engine 'cryptodev'", I see nothing more.

  • I see the same behavior on an Alix box we have.  The upgrade to 2.2.1 did nothing to fix this issue.
    OpenVPN settings:
    AES-128-CBC (128-bit)
    SHA1 (160 bit)

    I've checked the throughput via the command line (openssl commands), and I can set up ipsec tunnels and verify that the HIFN 7955 card is working - IPSEC I see great throughput, low CPU utilization.

    OpenVPN - 100% CPU at about 6Mbps of throughput.

    Something doesn't work correctly.

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