Captive Portal no redirect to login page

  • Hello everybody,

    I´m using pfsense 2.1.3 and i am very surprised of this little powerful firewall. But now, here is my first problem. I configured the captive portal as mentioned in serveral boards and to do´s - not a big thing. Created a user and a group with logon credentials. Now when i try to logon over the standard portal login site it won´t direct me to the login page. I start my browser - and the standard website will pop up. Only if i type pfsense shows me the standard login page - user and password will match. Firewall rules also. Has anybody an idea where my failure is? Maybe DNS settings? My WAN port is connected via DHCP to a router. There are two wireless access points connected to my Lan port over a switch.

  • Hello.

    Can you list some more info.
    Before using your AP's hooked up to the switch, did you tried to use your portal using directly the switch (with RJ45 cable) ?
    Your WAN is WAN, LAN is LAN and portail interface is on interface OPT1, right ?

    What is your WAN IP, LAN IP and OPT1 (portal IP) ?
    OPT1 (portal) firewall rules ?

    What portal authentication are you using ?

    What were the setting you used to activate the portal interface ?

    You has a look over here ?
    Or here ?

  • Hello Gertjan,

    thanks for your reply - finally i was able to solve my problem by myself - after hours :)
    My problem was the DNS forwarding and the correct entry of the DNS server. So i was able to ping but not
    I could reach the captive portal via IP but not via name. After setting the correct entries it was working fine.


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