Windows2003 IAS and Captive Portal

  • Hi,
      I am a newbie on pfsense with no good English!
      I have install the newest version pfsense and a clear windows2003 standard on VMware with IAS on it.Then I enable Captive Portal ,the Primary RADIUS server and Shared secret are all right,  in spite of I enable or disable "send RADIUS accounting packets", when the client open any IE ,entry the right username and password,
    "Authentication error
    Username and/or password invalid.
    Go back"
    will be shown , I don't know why.
    Then I use tcpdump on pfsense ,I see those log
    15:48:36.077470 IP > RADIUS, Access Request (1), id: 0x76 length: 140
    15:48:36.097336 IP > RADIUS, Access Reject (3), id: 0x76 length: 20

    Can some one help me handle it? Thanks

  • I recommend that you use a Radius client to test your Windows2003 IAS server to make sure everything is working as expected.
    There is a free windows utility for testing RADIUS servers called NTRadPing. Its small easy to use and intuitive.

    It is from MasterSoft. When you go to the link, choose NTRadPing from the pull-down list. It is free. Not just a demo. (NTRadPing Utility)

    Once you have a successful test with NTRadPing then make sure your settings in PFSense are similar to NTRadPing.

  • Thank you! I know where is the mistake ? I don't register the IAS server in active directory! Thank you also!

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