Not Able to Access Network Systems

  • PF SENSE for Internet
    Windows Server 2008 for DHCP, DNS & AD

    Some systems are under Domain, i can access them from my server but systems which are under domain are also not able to access network system.

    but some systems are not under domain, before updating PF Sense i was able to access all network computer just by entering in RUN menu //computer_name.
    Now i am not able to access any network computer.

    please help me to resolve this issue

  • More often than not, this is an issue with DNS. Make sure that your machines are using your domain controllers for DNS. To be double sure, you can setup domain forward in your pfsense machine to point your internal domain to your domain controllers.
    Setup WINS server as well in your DHCP specification. You could also enable computer browser service, but that might be a last resort.

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