Proxy filter/squidguard

  • Good day Everyone this is a little project i have been working on.
    i wanted to post my own access denied page insted of the default squid message.
    what i have done is to pull the sgerror.php using winscp path /usr/local/www/ and add a few line of code se code below in bold the other is for debugging purpose.
    so what i have done is to create a index.html and place it in the www folder and use the code to display the custom page as an access denied error page.
    i have attached the screenshot
    hope you enjoy.

    header("location:http://{$_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']}/index.html"); die();
    //Redirect the user to the index.html file
            //$html = file_get_contents("/usr/local/www/index.html");
    //print_r($_SERVER); die();
    //die( $html );

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