Proxy bypass

  • Is it possible to have a rule that allows one ip address bypass the squid proxy and go straight out the internet. I am having issues with one website and the vendor claims that it is because traffic is going through a proxy.
    Squid 3

    Thank You

  • yes… put a "not whatever IP address" on the rule that redirects. If you have a rule that blocks IP's going out (other than the proxy) then you'll also need to add the "not this IP" on the block rule.

  • yes I have done it
    I have created an alias…host: want this ip should not go through squid
    hence I put the below rule before the nat rule that redirects all http & https to port 3128.

    the ip can bypass the proxy as well as go through the proxy depending on browser settings.

    If anyone has a better way of doing please suggest..

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