Openvpn manager update

  • Hi Team,

    Is it possible to update openvpn management pls to the latest version.

    If i manually upgrade it, it changes the whole directory structure and becomes messy.

    I have tried to get pfsense to create an export client with the latest openvpn manager by going to :

    "/usr/local/share/openvpn/client-export/template" and uploading the new folder of openvpnmanager.

    When I go to export clients and select that option under openvpn, it creates a package when when I install, it get stuck on the line:

    execute "c:\…..........\opevpnmanager.exe" /install

    But also get an error about /install wrong argument.

    Can anyone help on this pls?



  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    It's not that simple. I wasted a day trying a couple weeks ago. OpenVPNManager changed quite a lot from the old version to the current version and broke some things in the process. The install method changed, there are extra .exe files that they forgot to put in their .zip file on their site, command line options changed and conflict with their own documentation, and other issues. I never was able to make a successful connection with the new version. Once (if?) the upstream fixes their broken behavior then maybe we can get it upgraded.

  • so is there a way in the current version that comes with pfsense to run scripts when the tunnel is as map network drives automatically when the connection is live and disconnect them when the connection is disconnected pls?

    I know you can do that with the normal openvpn-gui which works like a charme on xp but I am using wi 7 and do not want to have to click run as everytime  :-(



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