• Hello, I have a remote server (vps) that I use for web hosting and I have used ssh for my socks proxy for a while through firefox.  I do not want to install openvpn  on this host because of it being virtualized.  My question is, can I tunnel everything on my lan through this with pfsense?

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    what does the host being virtual have to do with anything?  I run openvpn on low end vps.. 128 ram, whole $15 a year sort of vps and it runs openvpn just fine..

  • Well, for one I would have to login to the host and enable tun mod passtrough to the vm and restart it.  But I use this vm for business use and this request is for my personal use.  I really did not want to go disrupt things since I am not an advanced linux/bsd admin by any means.

    Also, the host runs an old version of centos5 and the only thing I have done to it was upgrade ssh, recently…
    I am not familiar at all with openvpn and I would get the old package from the old ports tree and I dont know how to change that.

    Maybe I am over-thinking all of this, and I appreciate your input!

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    "But I use this vm for business use and this request is for my personal use"

    So you want to route your personal traffic through your business box?  And you don't want to even reboot it, etc.  Why don't you just get a lowend vps, install the simple openvpn access server package on it and be done?

    https://openvpn.net/index.php/access-server/download-openvpn-as-sw.html  You say this is personal use, it comes with 2 connection license for free. I have started a doc/howto in connecting to this and using policy routing, etc.  But have gotten side tracked and have not finished it yet, etc.

    I have multiple lowend vps for play, they are $15 a YEAR ;)  route your personal vpn traffic through one of those - my plan has 500GB a month, etc.

    If you want I could post a link to the plan I am using.. But there are plenty of low end vps to play with out there..  Why you would even think of touching a business box for personal use, not sure thinking would be the word I would use ;)  Be it over or under.. Unless not was the term you were looking for..