Status_openvpn.php variable declare

  • Hello,

    currently i try to monitor to monitor established openvpn connections.
    All information i want to monitor are avaible in the "status_openvpn.php" files (Status->Openvpn). I explored the PHP File and found the Variables i want to "export" (use in my own script)

    			$rowIndex = 0;
    			foreach ($server['conns'] as $conn): 
    					![](/themes/<?php echo $g[)/images/icons/icon_x.gif' height='17' width='17' border='0'
    					   onclick="killClient('', '');" style='cursor:pointer;'
    					   title='' alt='' />

    These are exactly those infomration i need.
    My main problem is to find the PHP Function oder PHP file which provides the "$conn" variable.

    The second thing i found while xploring the code is
    including the following to files which doesnt exist in "www" directory.


    so these part may be depracted ?

    PS: sorry for my bad english

    regards from Germany

  • Lol found it seconds after creating this thread…. i searched the wrong variable ...

    the variable i needed was $server['conns'] not $conn.
    i forgot how foreach works ....

    found the files under /etc/inc/....