• Ok so i have may WAN and LAN all working well with re0 and re1 nics. I didnt want to use em0 which is built into the board because it is 10/100 but it turns out my wireless router is 10/100 so i would like to plug it into that port. The problem is i am having problems setting up em0 so that it would work. I tried a bunch of stuff but maybe if someone could help me out, googleing can only get you so far sometimes.

    diagram of what i am trying to do:


    I know how to disable DHCP and all that with my router but everything i do doesnt make a WIFI interface that, well, does anything.

  • Ok well i have been messing around with this a lot and even started from scratch and still cant figure out how to make my other ethernet ports connect to the internet. I can connect to the pfsense router but i cant connect to anything outside of my network. I think it is just a matter of setting up additional ports the right way. If anyone could direct me to a guide or help me figure this out it would be much appreciated.

  • Would bridging the Lan work?

  • did not understand all..but did you put a gateway IP on the wan interface or does the isp give you one (using DHCP).

    Give more details about ip settings on each segment will be very helpful.