• Hi

    I need install network for French media center in brazil for wold cup.
    I would like configure my PFSENSE with captiv portail for journalist and give specific bandwith by pool

    I thinks it s possible

    Could you help me ?

    I imagine 3 or 4 pool with different bandwith : writer, photo, radio, tv
    (Writer is on wifi, i use Unifi Ubiquiti system)

    And i think i need create radius system on my PFsense.

    Somebody can help me ?
    I can connect my Pfsense if you want direct configure…

    Thanks a lot for your help


  • Hi,

    you should be able to do this by setting up the freeradius package (see and then setting bandwith limits for the radius users. Then you can use the captive portal with radius auth or - if your access points support the speed limit - set up radius auth (WPA2-Enterprise) directly on the access points.

    Best wishes,

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