Accessing the LAN network over VPN without changing DG on the LAN machines

  • Hi!
    Please tell me if it passable to access LAN machines via VPN if Pfsense is not LAN's machines DG? I have some machines inside the LAN network that I cannot change their DG. So how can I access them via VPN?

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Well you would need to setup route on the box to point to pfsense so it could get back to the vpn IP, or you would have to setup on the dg a route to pfsense to get to your vpn network.

  • What you mean by " setup route on the box to point to pfsense". I'll describe better the topology: I have some computers with 192.168.0.x subnet and the DG This DG routes to another subnet inside another LAN so i also cannot touch it. Pfsense has internal interface and the external one connects it outside. I setup VPN in order to access 192.168.0.x subnet but because Pfsense is not their DG I cannot access them. Any ideas how I can do it?