• Hi Experts,

    please let me know how to filter URLS in pfsense 2.1.3 for the users that they cannot able to access the websites like porn, hacking etc.

  • i'd use squid (= Proxy) for this purpose.

    You'll find this in "packages"


  • dansguardian or squidguard

  • i've installed squid + squidguard and do all the configuration which were required as shown but not working please help me out or provide me the steps to do so.

    need a support in urgency please help!!

  • experts please help

  • you must also set the client computers to use the proxy via browser settings or wpad/pac

  • Hello,

    i don't want to do this to each machine. My requirement is that every user must not access websites like porn

  • There are several options…

    1.) Create a firewall rule to block all HTTP(S) traffic not from pfSense and then use a proxy auto config file (wpad) to set the proxy settings for the client. The clients would need to have auto config enabled for the browser.
    2.) Create a firewall rule to block all HTTP traffic not from pfSense. Redirect all HTTP traffic to the proxy. No config required on the client, but you cannot transparently redirect HTTPS.
    3.) Use a DNS service (such as OpenDNS or Norton) to block sites.

  • hi! what version of PFsense you are using?

    I have the same problem as yours.. I read, I research I watch tutorials and guides.. seems so easy and quick..

    but IT DIDNT work.. why why why?? I did exactly as he did? why it wont work on mine?

    haha imagine that… :)

    but I'm able to solve the problem... I configure it successfully with pfsense 2.0.3 version....  I just did exactly what I did in 2.1version.. but this time it works..

    so try to use 2.0.3 pfsense.. it works for me.. hope in yours too...

    dont forget to SAVE / APPLY every time you make changes.. good luck

    I use squid+squidguard in transparent mode.