All tap-windows adapters on this system are currently in use

  • Can't connect to my VPN as I am getting this error message (final entry in the little log window that pops up, along with a dialog box error telling me connection failed).

    Google says this means Open VPN already is using an adapter… I tried rebooting my system, no luck.  Tried enable/disable/enable the adapter in network properties, no luck.

    Any idea what else I can try?

  • Do you have installed the additional "TAP-Windows Adapter V9" from OpenVPN and is it activated?

  • I used the client export utility on pfsense's web management page, and yeah I think it installed the adapter.  I uninstalled OpenVPN and reinstalled it and its working, for now.  Not sure what happened.  I installed it exactly the same way the first time around.  Hopefully it continues to work.