NIC speed in Vmware Installation

  • I have installed PFsense under Vmware ESX 3.0.2.  Everythings is working well.

    Can someone tell me at what speed the NIC's under Vmware are running or how to check it ?

  • status –> interface

  • The problem is that I don't get any useful output over there.

    This is the info I get, but as you see no info about the duplex speed …

    Status  up
    DHCP up 
    MAC address 00:50:56:86:29:40
    IP address 
    Subnet mask
    ISP DNS servers
    Media autoselect
    In/out packets 1441/1947 (160 KB/480 KB)
    In/out errors 0/0
    Collisions 0

    LAN interface (le0)
    Status up
    MAC address 00:50:56:86:7b:32
    IP address 
    Subnet mask
    Media autoselect
    In/out packets 2943/12 (498 KB/928 bytes)
    In/out errors 0/0
    Collisions 0

  • le0 as driver means AMD vlance driver, and this is not good for performance.
    See this guide how to install faster drivers:,7271.0.html
    This installs the Vmware native vmxnet driver.

    As an alternative, you could edit your VM's .vmx file, and change the ethernet driver to e1000, for example:

    ethernet0.virtualDev = "e1000"

    This works with pfSense out of the box, and is much faster.

    The speed of NIC's in Vmware is always virtual. Vlance is 10Mbit, but can actually go much faster(limited by CPU).

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