• Hello,

    For some reason I'm showing high CPU on a hyper-v install ver 2.0.3 using legacy network drivers. Single core of a AMD FX-8350.

    No packages added, DHCP and DNS turned off, just functioning as the firewall. No VPN as well.

    Connection is 50Mb download, 5Mb upload. No torrenting or huge downloads, bit of netflix and some youtube. Rarely ever use more than 10Mb download, no upload usage. On the RRD graphs it's showing a constant 10% CPU usage even at idle with no network traffic.

  • How high is high? my 2.1.3x86 VM on hyper-v will max out both its virtual cpus when saturating my 50/50 fios connection with torrents & such.

  • Even idle with no one home, no devices on and very little traffic, less than 1 mb, shows 10% cpu on a single core.