StrongVPN Client alternatives to pfSense?

  • Hi everybody:  Newbie here.  Your suggestions please :)

    Does anyone know of an opensource alternative to pfSense that would be easy for an ignorant newbie to set up and make work with StrongVPN?

    I recently installed pfSense (version 2.1.3) on an old desktop with the intention of getting it to work as a Strong VPN client, and broadcast the VPN connection to all wireless devices in my household via a wireless access point.
    However, after reading all the tutorials on this forum, and trying all of them, I still cannot get a connection.

    I live overseas and want to have a computer processing the VPN connection rather than a VPN-ready wireless router.  I think my download speed would increase considerably and improve streaming movies from Netflix, Amazon, etc.

    Any  words of wisdom would be most appreciated!


  • Tomato or DD-WRT firmware on a compatible router is your easiest option, since StrongVPN provides simple to use scripts that configure the OpenVPN connection.

    I just switched to pfsense with StrongVPN and it works very well, but does take a bit of work.

  • Thanks for the reply macboy6.  I do already have Tomato on an Asus router to do this, but I want to route the VPN through a computer with a faster processor to get better download speeds.  And I do like having pfSense on an old desktop.  It has worked great for several weeks now for the local network.

    May I ask how you were able to get it to work with pfSense?  I've followed the tutorials in the sticky link on this, but I can't seem to make it work.

    Thanks for any words of wisdom you may have!