• We have an OLD pfsense 1.2 that I would like to upgrade to 2.13 however I have a few issues with our current pfsense (the 1.2)
    There are 3 interfaces in USE  (WAN, LAN, OPT1)
    Currently the web configurator runs from the OPT1 interface

    When I try to look for updated packages I receive this message
    Unable to communicate to pfSense.com. Please check DNS, default gateway, etc.

    I think it is because of a firewall rule on the OPT1 interface

    how can I change the web configurator to run from the LAN interface
    or how can I disable OPT1 firewall temporally to see if my pfsense will connect.

  • It does not matter on which interface or IP the web configurator is listening for online update.

    pfSense looks for updates on WAN interface and have to be able to connect to pfSense.com. If your WAN can reach the internet the problem is mostly DNS. Have you defined a DNS server in pfSense (System > General Setup) that can resolve pfSense.com?
    Another issue could be that your update source path is not set up correctly. Here in 2.1.3 it's: https://updates.pfsense.org/_updaters/ <plattform></plattform>