Stuff still getting blocked with pass all rules on all interfaces

  • Title says it. I have a rule on my LAN and WAN side that says pass everything, on every port, from every source, to every destination. Horrible security practice, I know, but I still cannot access my WebGUI from the WAN side.

    Also, port scanning tools like canyouseeme or GRC Shields Up are reporting all ports are not responding.

    On Comcast, btw with their SMC in bridge mode. Every time I try to hit my external IP address from my phone on cellular, I get a 502 bad gateway

  • Did you try to disable all packet filtering? Because then I don't think that you need any rules.  I guess that it would depend on how everything is setup and what is in front of pfsense. Have you tried enabling SSH? I'm kind of curious about this to. I've never even attempted to access pfsense from a remote device. I know it's possible though and if I had a need to do it most likely I would have learned it by now.

    Are you using Carp by any chance?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You'll have to elaborate on what "stuff" is. Provide copies of the firewall log contents from the GUI. You can mask the IPs but leave all of the other information (especially protocol and flags) intact.

    Also click the 'x' next to the rule and see what is blocking the traffic.