Login page with registration, possible?

  • You can customize the login page providing the option for the user to make your registration in captive portal? I would like to edit the html page by entering this option. How would the connection to the database in Mysql from pfsense, and all entries would be stored in this database Mysql?

  • Hello.

    Yes, it can be done.
    Yes, I guess its already done by some one.
    But, no, this (working with MySQL) isn't coded in the portal authentication system right now.

    That's for the short answer.

    The longer one:
    On this forum, examples are given how to add the package to your pfSense setup, so PHP can "speak" to MySQL - its just an extension to load.
    Of course, you will have to do some PHP coding.
    As a starting point: have a look how local authentication with the local databse is being used.
    Discover that pfSense uses also a small database motor (I forget the name, you'll find it in the code, in /etc/inc/captiveportal.inc).
    A while back, I even managed to add the package that gave me MSSQL (yep Microsoft SQL) PHP support. I could speak with a MSSQL server on the LAN for portal authentication.

    The thing is: no-one is gona do that for you, except if you make it a bounty case https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?board=34.0

    edit: go here  : https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?board=2.0 (its where you posted your message).
    You will see a thread called : How to Captive Portal Self Registration Using Free radius & Mysql (Tutorial)