Accessing multiple networks from an Open VPN connection

  • Hi all,

    I am trying to figure out where in my configuration I have gone wrong. I am using 2.1.3-RELEASE (i386)

    Problem: I am able to ping and access all devices on the network, but only on the network. I know there are other devices on the network because i can ping them using the Diagnostic->ping option and if ssh into pfsense and open up a shell i can also ping the devices for ex:

    Here is my setup:

    LAN (bridged) -> OPT1, OPT2, OPT4: Static IPv4 with DHCP server running (
    PRV5 (OPT3 originally): Static IPv4 ( There is no gateway defined on this network

    I have setup the OpenVPN server and set the following

    IPv4 Local Network/s:,

    I have also added the following rules on the PRV5 interface (if i remove the rule i can't ping either):

    ID Proto Source Port Destination Port Gateway Queue Schedule Description
            IPv4 * * * * * none   Local Network passthrough
            IPv4 * * * * * none   VPN Network passthrough

    I know the routes are okay at least on the client side, because once i connect from my windows box i have the following entries from "route print" command (note and ):

    IPv4 Route Table

    Active Routes:
    Network Destination        Netmask          Gateway      Interface  Metric
          On-link    286
          On-link    286
          On-link    286
          On-link    306
          On-link    306        On-link    306
    30        On-link    266        On-link    266        On-link    266        On-link    276        On-link    276        On-link    276
          On-link    306
          On-link    266
          On-link    276
          On-link    286        On-link    306        On-link    266        On-link    276        On-link    286

    I am at a loss on what might be causing this issue, any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

    thank you !

  • Hi,

    I have also added the following rules on the PRV5 interface

    you have to put the rule allowing traffic from OpenVPN to OpenVPN interface.