Local php redirect after successful login

  • Dear users

    hi all, can i force pfsense to redirect to the local page (http//pfsense-ip/local_page.php) after successful captive portal login ?!
    for example the page viewing success login .

    i want do that cause i have slow internet connection for fast url redirect then the users worried about success login :-\


  • Hi.

    Make your "local_page.php" file.
    Upload it using the "File Manger", most right tab on the Captive Portal settings page.

    On the Captive Portal settings page, find "After authentication Redirection URL" fill in this:

  • thank you Gertjan for your reply, user is connected to the internet after i tested your advice but a error page is appears after logging in :(
    anyway i tried another method by created a new page only contain a green right mark logo with done below then uploaded as (Logout page contents) and activated (Enable logout popup window) feature, it is working properly as i want .

    thank you again