Multiple Public Ips, single Wan and… FTP!

  • I'd been reading two days around the forum to solve my FTP issue with no luck…
    I tried multiple setups with the same result... passive ftp won't work... but i need it working from inside LAN to the internet and viceversa...
    Actually the best setup I found is:

    Pfsense box 1.2RC3: 1 eth x Wan, 1 eth x Lan
    WAN: single pubblic IP address + 10 VIPS (Proxy ARP)
    LAN: 192.168.16.x/24 class
    1:1 NAT on both 10 VIPS for 10 LAN Ips (10 different server inside)
    No FTP Helper enabled on both LAN and WAN (as it doesn't work with P Arps VIPS)
    Wan and Lan rules to permit data traffic for ftp (manual setups for ftps data ports in range 5000-5500) and of course 21/20 port rules for Wan and Lan

    Active Ftp works from outside to lan, no way to let passive ftp work or to ftp from inside lan to internet..

    Probably my setup is wrong for my needs but i need to allocate multiple wan ips given by my isp.
    I really apprieciate any advice

  • I am having the same issue with a similar setup and would love to see an answer to this.

    I have read and tried various solutions with frustrating results.  I believe that pfSense is a very well put together product with the exception of this FTP issue.

    Please someone help.

  • There should be no issues with enabling the ftp helper on the LAN interface- the LAN isn't using a Proxy-ARP. Try checking the box to enable ftp helper on the LAN and re-test an outgoing ftp connection.

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