Squidguard question

  • Hi to all, I need some help configuring the pfsense squidguard. How do I make squidguard to block specific computer, but some other computer have no restriction? For example I have 10 computers, i want the 7 of them won't be able to access the facebook, youtube or porn site. But they will be able to access facebook, youtube during 12:00p.m - 1p.m only. And the other 3 computers have no access restriction and they can access any website anytime. What exactly do I need to do? I am new to pfsense please help. Thanks.

    1. This should probably be in the Packages subtopic.  This is for specific issues with the firewall aspect of pfSense.

    2. Here is the generic SquidGuard page:


    1. I believe you will need to look in to Services - Proxy filter - Groups ACL and Times to do what you want.

  • ok sorry if i posted this on wrong section. anyway, thanks.

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