A lot of collisions in interface statistic

  • Hi,

    I know that I shouldn't virtualize pfSense on Citrix XenServer but I have to ;)

    I checked Interface Statistic and saw that there are a lot of colliosions (number of colisions is similar to number "packets out")

    Packets In    132707406 164591330
    Packets Out  169307987 128711157
    Bytes In        22.60 GB 147.12 GB
    Bytes Out      147.47 GB 22.32 GB
    Errors In        0                0
    Errors Out    0                0
    Collisions      169307986 127980236

    What do you think? It could be a issue with virtualization on XenServer?

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    That would be up to the connection between pfsense and the switch (virtual switch or physical, depending on how you have the NIC connected).

    Usually collisions indicate a duplex mismatch, where one side is on auto and the other is hardcoded to a specific speed/duplex setting.

    That, or they can also indicate that you're not connected to a true switch but to an older hub style setup that was not switched.

    I don't know enough about XenServer to know how its internal packet switching/routing is handled, but it could be there.

  • Don't use the Realtek NICs in XenServer guests, they're known to do that. Switch to e1000 and that should go away.