• Hi I´m working in a project were we are providing free internet to a social housing project… well, its free as long
    as the inhabitants of this neighborhood pay their rent (around 30 dollars)! So this is where my problem starts! I'm talking about 1400 users...
    I tried to follow some instructions in the forum but I can't export the config.xml to excel because of the password thing, and I'm a beginner with
    databases, well I'm a beginner in all of this, but I´m trying to help myself for the past 4 hours... any hints? Thanks guys!!

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    In the Diagnostics menu there is an option to export the current conf. You can set this with or without a password and then open it up in excel.

    Or are you trying to open up a previous config file that was password protected and you don't know what the password is?

    Either way, as long as you have admin access to the GUI you can re-create the backup config file.

  • If you have your user list in an Excel sheet, you could export it into a "easy to parse" format, like CSV, or even dot-comma separated lines.

    You need some lines of PHP that should do this:
    Remove all current user that are member of the group that are allowed to login to the portal: this is mine:
    You should remove all <user>…..</user> that have a that belongs to this group.
    Rebuild the group, and insert all users.

    You will have to encode the password (3 formats).

    Any of this can be looked up in the pfSense portal PPHP code, so the bigger part of the code is just 'copying' what already exists.

    Note that, when a user is present in the User Database (managed by pfSense) their is no need to deleted it, you could also just 'deactivate' the account and reactivate when the "rent comes in".

    You could also add MySQL or MSSQL support to the PHP engine of pfSEnse, and use a separated SQL server that will do the authentication (better check how
    to generate the passwords then ...)