OpenVPN Server and Tomato 1.28 problem

  • I have a problem in my OpenVPN setup. My OpenVPN server is pfsense 2.1.3 and my openvpn client is Tomato 1.28. The connection of my tomato client is fine I can ping the OpenVPN server. But, I can't ping the tomato client from server side. I have added this settings  route **;**push "route"  to Advanced Tab in pfsense OpenVPN after saving the config. I re-connect the tomato client to vpn server when the tomate was connected, after a few seconds the tomato router died so I can't access or ping the router so I need to restart the router to access again. Any ideas to this problem?

    Sever Network:
    Client side:

  • I'm a little unclear on what's your actual problem.

    Does the Tomato router connect, but you simply can't ping it from the pfsense side?

    Or does the Tomato connect and then drop off forcing a restart of the OVpn connection?

    If it's just a ping issue, you may need to add the "iroute" to the "OpenVPN->Client Specific Configuration" section for your Tomato connection.