Packages wishlist?

  • I would like to see an MQTT broker like (sonething that handles local MQTT) available in pfSense.

    Reason is that there are many scenarios where IOT devices need to be run locally and not in the cloud.

    I am currently working on such a product.

    Currently we need the consumer to buy a Micro Appliance device running pfSense and then a separate hub to manage MQTT. But MQTT is all about packets, security and network management so putting this on the pfSense device means one less device to manage and better packaging and safety for the consumer.

  • @oben:

    The big ones for me are:

    privoxy  - a configurable http proxy - ad blocker

    tor  - needs no expl.

    dante  - a SOCKS proxy

    I have compiled this on a ubuntu box with proxHTTPS proxy
    This means it can filter https sites, and use onion network
    But there is a but :)
    As firefox can use it`s own proxy it is easy to point to the box,but for the whole network to redirect traffic to that box (80,443) i can not figure out (eighter by NAT or by squid (external)

  • Hi all,

    I don't know if it was already mentioned  before, but I just realized something is missing.

    This should be a package, or be build into pfSense :

    • Do nothing (the default).

    • Notify in the GUI and/or by mail the presence of an upgrade of an installed package.

    • Or, why not : a notification a not-installed package has been upgraded.

    • And while where at it : a notification a new package is made available - or a package was removed.

    Probably some support on the other side will be needed - the presence of a xml file with the current state of all package, maintained by the "pfSense build engine".
    The first two possibilities could be handled by pfSense right now, as it actually already does : the Packages widget does a good job although not very visible (the yellow marker).

  • Hi,

    +1 for mqtt broker


    For kvm virtualised pfSenselike we have in Open-VM-Tools for VmWare: (debian package Name): qemu-guest-agent


  • @tdi:

    Filebeat -

    Anyone working on this?



    Filebeat -

    Anyone working on this?

    I though at one time that I wanted this too.

    Just now getting back to working on my Elk stack, and I'm not really sure what it would do for us that syslog-ng won't do already, as syslog-ng answers the issues of udp transport by offering tcp.

    We still have to parse the log entries to put them into a form we find useful.

    Was there some other factor I'm now forgetting?


    Another vote for Filebeat.

    Need it to ship the Snort log file to my ELK machine..

    I would like to see filebeat as well. There is a FreeBSD package for filebeat that can be installed however having an approved package with GUI configuration options would be superior and could be backed up using the built-in backup feature.

    For integrating with ELK filebeat is suprior to trying to make syslog properly output to logstash and filter everything. Additionally using TCP and monitoring specified files we know that everything is properly captured and shipped to our collector.

  • ClamAV is on 0.99.2  there is already 0.99.4 and 1.00 that seems a whole lot better.  shouldn't upgrading the engine be a priority security update?

  • I'd like to see this as well.

  • Hi all!

    Security: I wish to see way less bruteforce attacks on my systems.

    Automatic blacklisting of IP's hitting on an expressely opened set of standard ports that are really not belonging to our protected systems rather are specifical bait to the standard port scanners.

    I believe this is the concept of Honeypot and Guerrilla package seems to do that just fine just it isn't integrated in pfSense.

    Any implementation of such a smart system on pfSense (of course automatically freeing up ports present in rules)?


  • WireGuard VPN

    It was freshly ported to FreeBSD in may 2018.

    Better performance than OpenVPN and easy to configure.

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    @juppin said in Packages wishlist?:

    WireGuard VPN

    It was freshly ported to FreeBSD in may 2018.

    Better performance than OpenVPN and easy to configure.

    This does not inspire confidence:

    About The Project
    Work in Progress

    WireGuard is not yet complete. You should not rely on this code. It has not undergone proper degrees of security auditing and the protocol is still subject to change. We're working toward a stable 1.0 release, but that time has not yet come. There are experimental snapshots tagged with "0.0.YYYYMMDD", but these should not be considered real releases and they may contain security vulnerabilities (which would not be eligible for CVEs, since this is pre-release snapshot software). If you are packaging WireGuard, you must keep up to date with the snapshots.

    However, if you're interested in helping out, we could really use your help and we readily welcome any form of feedback and review. There's currently quite a bit of work to do on the project todo list, and the more folks testing this out, the better.

    So maybe in the future when it's stable and proven to be secure. Performance means very little if it is insecure.

  • How about a simple package to control the LED's on the front of some NetGate hardware devices? I.e., Gateway status lights, update available, etc.

  • Can node and www/npm be added to the list?

  • I package with a simple way to block and all facebook apps with one click. Facebook is a huge problem with businesses and schools and it keeps getting brought up but nothing has ever been done to make a quick fix for blocking facebook.

  • Galactic Empire

    @dgall said in Packages wishlist?:

    I package with a simple way to block and all facebook apps with one click. Facebook is a huge problem with businesses and schools and it keeps getting brought up but nothing has ever been done to make a quick fix for blocking facebook.

    Snort & Snort OPENAPPI Rules ?

    pfBlockerNG & block by Facebook ASN?

  • @nogbadthebad The best solution I have found is using a site like and making a dnsbl rule it works better for me then shallalist and less resources.

  • a simple package to display a website in an iframe (or whatever) on the dashboard? (already can display pictures, right?)


    Upstream of pfSense 2.4.4 box is an Arris Surfboard SB69xx, display the generic info page of the Arris SB so logging into the dashboard gives cursory view of SB status, helps rapid determination of upstream/downstream indicators w/o walking down into basement to look, or remembering which uncommon subnet address cablemodem/DSL/ONT is

    . Does not need to log in to get info, can click on page to open link into new tab/window.

  • I love netdata would be nice to also have it for pfsense .
    Here's there git hub link. Git Hub link

  • E2Guardian5.
    I've never managed to make Squid work with HTTPS, while on E2Guardian you just have to install the package and it's done.

  • Midnight Commander (mc). Very good when making a connection to the pfsense terminal with PUTTY. In all other distributions (FreeBSD/Linux) you can find this package. Why not in pfsense?

  • @hidalgo I'd rather see a package that can access a unifi controller using something like this
    It would be great to manage pfSense and Unifi from the same interface

  • I've no idea how viable it would be.... says it's an application-level visibility and filtering package that's currently available for OPNSense. I suspect it would need some kind of integration but that's above my knowledge level. Seems interesting anyway...

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