Captiveportal blocks Internet connection

  • if my captive portal is ON.. I cant connect to the internet..

    if it is off..I am connected..

    whats the problem?

  • Hi,

    Well, the information you mentioned doesn't really reduce the checklist.
    Do you have information about:
    What is your network setup ?
    Captive portal setup ?
    No internet after logged in ? Logging in works ?
    The Portal Firewall rules are ?
    DNS / DHCP is working fine ?

    Normally, as we know it works (for us), I tend to say:
    pfSense works.
    I doesn't work for you.
    Knowing that we use the same code, I conclude: your setting are wrong.
    The thing is: nobody can check your setup, except you  ;)

    edit: why opening another thread (with no new information) if you already asked the same question else where ?
    I mentioned over there a method to test.
    What are you waiting for ?

  • oh I think its a different topic ….

    well problem solved..

    I need to authenticated to the portal before i can have net access...


    please close sir moderator. thank you

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