Embedded USB wireless support - coming soon? possible DIY?

  • Hi,
    from a quick search it looks like USB wireless adapter support is available in the regular pfsense images - just not the embedded version.

    Can anyone here tell me if there is a good reason for this omission and whether it is coming in a future release, or alternatively what i would need to be able to rebuild the embedded version to add it in myself. Been a while since I played with BSD (used to run openBSB many moons ago) but I'm sure i could get back into it if it looked reasonably worth the effort.

    I have a Lex Light embedded system with 3 LAN interfaces, an internal compact flash adapter, 533 Mhz CPU and 512MB of RAM so it shouldn't have any issues resources wise in running whatever the USB wireless stuff needs.

    All info appreciated, if there are documents on this feel free to point out RTM, or RTFM if you are having a bad day ;-) A link to relevant docs would be nice.


  • You can find the kernel configs here: http://pfsense.com/cgi-bin/cvsweb.cgi/tools/builder_scripts/conf/ you might see what is missing for you to get the card running.

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