Opt1 DHCP issues

  • This is probally a dumb question but search doesn't seem to find anything similar. I have a PC running PFsense 1.2 RC3 with 1 issue, the LAN and WAN connections are working fine, but I cannot get a DHCP lease from the OPT1 nic (all three nics are Intel Pro 100/s fxp). I have the LAN interface on and I have set the OPT1 interface to with DHCP enabled on this interface and bridging disabled (these will be and once its deployed). The LAN interface has 2 VLANS assigned to it which will be handled by a Cisco 2950 switch (not currently deployed), but the OPT1 interface is and will remain VLAN free.

    The goal is to hang a WRT54G on opt1 to function as a wireless AP which will be separated and secured from the LAN. For the moment I just have opt1 running to a laptop, and a basic OPT1 -> any firewall rule in place, but I cannot get any traffic threw on this interface. So, my question is what have I missed here? Can anyone spot any mistakes I have made? Is this the right way to setup an external wireless access point with and PFsense? I'm rather new to this networking lark so any suggestions will be appreciated.


  • Try with a switch between.

    opt1 –-- switch ---- laptop

    also remember a default rule on opt1

    • opt1 net * * * * * *

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