How to install and configure dansguardian content filtering in pfsense

  • Hi,

    Please help me how to install and configure dansguardian in pfsense with brief step by step instruction.

    I am trying with this installation but i cant install it properly

    Thanks in advance

  • Since dansguardian ain't completely free an alternative has gain more support. Dvserg has been working hard on SquidGuard, so check that one out instead. ATM he is writing on a quick start guide too.

  • Hi,

    i had installed dansguardian using tar ball.But i cant start dansguardian manually.

  • use squidguard, it works. Unless you want to fillter sites using the PICS labeling system. Use combination of squid access control (blacklist) feature, squidguard  ACL & destination rules and pfsense aliases <–--find range of IP you want to block ( in my case, the youtube IPs range) and create the block rules in the LAN site from reaching the youtube IPs range. Check squid logs for urls dan domains that slip from the above blacklists and add them to the destination rules of squidguard or the blacklist section of squid.

    My LAN now is not busy anymore but with only disgusted LAN users who could not watch online video streaming. BTW, make sure to only allow necessary protocol from your lan side. In my case, I only allowed http (80), https (443), ssh (22) and dns (53).

  • Anoth option is to use  I also only allow my dns servers to access 53 to the WAN so users cannot circumvent dns filtering.

  • Hi ,

    I have successfully installed pfsense. I want to install Dans guardian on pfsense.How to install?Please give me the solution.

  • The solution is: with the keyword: "dansguardian"

    (no, there is no danguardian package)