VPN Route for netflix, torrents only

  • Hello everyone,

    Need your advice / guide me for step to step will be nice and it’s a home basic network

    I’m about to get VPN soon and would like to route just Netflix, Torrents traffic through it and the rest without VPN will traffic normal from my local ISP



  • Anyone?

  • I don't know if this is a perfect solution but it works.  This will help with Netflix but not with torrent traffic.

    After setting up the VPN to work, create this firewall rule and leave it on top.

    set to: Pass
    Interface: LAN
    Source:  Local ip address of what is using netflix
    Destination: any
    Gateway: your vpn

    This will make  only that device send all of its traffic through the vpn.  Remember you have to give it a static ip address in status-> dhcp leases  .  To prevent the rest of your network from being on that vpn, you have to set a kill switch rule under that.  I think this will work.

    set to: Block
    Interface: LAN
    Source:  LAN Address    <–-( exact words by the way)
    Destination: any
    Gateway: your vpn

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