IPv6 6rd bugfix - $200 USD

  • I'd like to see a working IPv6 6rd implementation in pfSense.
    The patch/code must be made available and ready for inclusion into the main branch and fit for pfSense 2.1 / 2.2, ideally it will be included so the improvement can be of benefit to all.

    The issues are described here: https://redmine.pfsense.org/issues/2882

    I'm willing to give access to verify and test patches against a pfSense installation with 2.1.3 or 2.2 snapshots (atm) where the issue is occuring against my current ISP who offers IPv6 6rd.

    A successful implementation requires the following:

    • When assigning a IPv6 6rd CE or BR to WAN or LAN interfaces, it doesn't freeze the connection completely and a reboot is required.
    • When assigning Track interface to other interfaces, it doesn't freeze the connection completely and a reboot is required.
    • Ideally a verification from one or more users in the bug ticket above that the implementation fixes it for them as well.

    Edit: Increased from $100 USD to $200 USD

  • Up by 25$  :)

  • The difficulty is to get a proper test environment.

    If you can put a machine/vm that has 6rd connectivity available at least with ssh that would be good.
    Also better if the connection to 6rd is not the same interface you login in the box.

  • If you propose a way to do that over a single connection, I'm all ears to make such an environment available at request of those who wish to verify it. Alternatively I am available at least 8 hrs every evening CET time to do this as well and respond to any request.

  • Increased the bounty from $100 to $200 USD to increase the likelyhood of this being picked up in the near future  8)

  • I can provide a test environment, albeit one where the 6rd connection is the one where the connection is coming in. However, I am available to reload the vmware image (just revert to the snapshot) if one locks oneself out inadvertently. Just msg me, I am ready.

  • Just like wvroy I will also chip in another USD 25 to the bounty.

  • Count me in for another $50

  • I am willing to offer a testing environment for any developer interested in taking on the challenge. Feel free to email me at chrisrblake93 at gmail dot com and I will set you up an environment.

  • Count me in for $25 as well.

  • Two months later and no takers?

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