• Hello guys. I setup a firewall for my company wich act also as proxy with NTLM auth with dansguardina, also OpenVPN for about 15 users.
    I use tap mod for Openvpn Server with bridge so my client get IP address from my internal DHCP. But i have 2 common problems

    1 - When i connect to VPN i have no Internet. It seems i can't connect to the proxy on 8080 address.
    2 - Behind Pfsense i have 2 more subnets. How can i configure acccess to them trough VPN

    Thank you in advance. Sorry for my bad English.

  • For all who can't figured this out and noone want to answer him.

    When you create tap based VPN after you create a bridge go to Firewall > Rules > Bridge interface > creat a rull to allow trafick on that interface with custome optoion "Gateway" internal gateway of your network. After that everything start flying :)

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