Problems accessing menus with RC3 / Internet Explorer 7

  • Hi everyone,

    I've recently started using PFSense - looks great!

    I'm running using Internet Explorer 7 to access RC3

    I'm having a lot of problems accessing the drop down menus.

    If I roll my mouse across the menus across the top of the window (eg System / Interfaces / Firewall etc) the menus drop down from each (as you'd expect), but it is then extremely difficult to move down into the drop down list - it's as if there is a window a couple of pixles wide that I have to move through to get from the main menu down into the drop down lists???

    Has anyone else had this problem?

    Is there a fix?


  • Don't want to sound harsh, but the best fix is to use Firefox…

  • I'm having a lot of problems accessing the drop down menus.

    or just use the "normal" pfSense-theme without drop down menus.

    system –> general setup --> Theme: "pfSense"

  • Not very elegant solutions but here is what I do whenever I don't have a choice other than IE

    • Left click and hold (i.e. don't release the left mouse button) on the main menu item, move the pointer down the menu selections (as if you were trying to drag the main menu item) and then release the mouse button. Now the drop list should stick and you should be able to make a selection by clicking on it.

    • Right click on the main menu. Move the pointer to the droplist area and hit the escape key or simply click on the selection if you can partially see it.

    • Left click main menu then move the cursur swiftly from the main menu item over to the drop list.

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