Tunnel down in GUI - although fully functional

  • Hi again!

    One of my all-day site-to-site OpenVPN tunnels is today down, according to the GUI of the pfSense (see below); however, at the same time I'm logged in to the pfSense GUI via exactly this (apparently fully functional) tunnel from a remote site. Other connections via this tunnel (VNC, video streams, smb) are also doing fine.

    What's wrong here?  :o
    ![openvpn nonsense 18.06.2014.JPG](/public/imported_attachments/1/openvpn nonsense 18.06.2014.JPG)
    ![openvpn nonsense 18.06.2014.JPG_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/openvpn nonsense 18.06.2014.JPG_thumb)

  • I'd love to find some of the root causes for this one.  I run a box with about 25 client OpenVPN - PKI connections and when I reboot the box everything shows up fine, but over time I see "lost" connections in the GUI.  The total number and particular connections that are bad fluctuate but are somewhere around 5/25.

    I got mad one afternoon and was able to force a GUI restart on the downed instances by finding their PID's in the shell and killing their process.  It seems that the GUI gets out of sync with the PID and then gets lost.  In general OpenVPN has been very stable overall and the GUI thing is really just a nuisance.

    I imagine if I get ticked at this enough I'll dig into creating a script to identify the differences between the GUI PID's and the actual running PID's  :o

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