Can Pfsense running on a virtual machine block website access from phy machine?

  • Hello community I am newbie using Pfsense. I have installed Pfsense on Virtualbox and I am trying to test some firewall rules that can block certain websites. My question is whether by applying firewall rules in Pfsense which is running on Virtual machine, can it block the website access from Physical machine? I mean to ask whether those rules can be reflected in the physical machine also.

  • Depends on the circumstance. It's possible where your traffic is actually going through the VM.

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  • So what can be the possible scenarios to make the virtual firewall concept work?

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    I run my pfsense virtual, on its own host.

    But can be ran on 1 machine - just depends on what your phy machines points to for its gateway.  Its best done with 2 physical nics.  Your VM gets an IP on the wan interface while your physical machine does not.  Your VM and PHY machine both get an IP on the lan phy nic.  This way they can both talk to physical machines on the lan network.  And all the phy machine on this network use the VM lan IP as their gateway..

  • Thank you so much johnpoz.

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