One week vouchers is expired less in one day

  • Hi,
    I have upgraded my system from 2.1.1 to 2.1.3, I was having a roll of one week, two weeks and one month tat was created in in 2.1.1, I sold to my customers some voucher of one week (10080 minutes), unfortunately they come again the next day to say it is expired, when I test it , yes it gives it is expired, I don't test the month and two weeks vouchers but I hope it does not have effect,

    in 2.1.1 it was working great, the problem happen after upgraded the system.

    Is that a bug in 2.1.3 or the problem happen usually when updating to a new version, please help me.

    Because if it is a bug in 2.1.3 I will return back to 2.1.1 and stuck with it, it make for me a problem with my customers, because I'm new providing this service, and afraid to lose trust, and the value from the point of the customers view, if such problem happens always.

  • Hi,

    I can't tell you why - I don't use "vouchers" on my Portal interface, but, when I activated vouchers on My portal that last 60 minutes they counted down exactly in one hour.

    I advise you to wipe all exiting vouchers and generate new ones.

  • Hi,
    Thanks, I did for the one week vouchers, the strange thing that the other time frame vouchers like one month does not effected and works fine. but maybe it will expired less than expected in the upfront days. Any way the one week vouchers seems works great after creating new roll.

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