RRD Graphs and Packets - am i reading this info right?

  • I just wanted to review this and see if i am reading this graph correctly, the below image, is that 8million packets blocked inbound? as in a DDoS attack?

    or am i getting the k / m's confused from k = thousands and m= millions to kilobits / megabits ?

  • In this case "m" means "milli" or 1/1000th.

    So 836.34 m pps = 0.83634 pps or just less than 1 pps.

    Makes sense when you see the total for the period (5 hours in this graph) is only 4.54K = 4540 packets blocked.

    Please resume breathing….. :)

  • okay, phew!! had me confused seeing the 5 hour and that was thinking did i miss something.

    our ISP was hit with a large DDoS that took down a good portion of their network, wanted to make sure it wasn't us as the target as we have been hit before.