Captive portal login loop and will my solution work?

  • I have a captive portal in a 100 room hotel. My dhcp was handing out 150 IPs (

    The hotel has become busier and I'm seeing alot of this in the logs:

    logportalauth[46934]: CONCURRENT LOGIN - REUSING OLD SESSION: unauthenticated, MAC, IP  very similar to this

    Guests were complaining of not being able to login and being sent back to the login page

    So I made my LAN / 16 (previously  and my

    DHCP scope which I believe will give me 440 IPs.

    Will this solve the problem?

    Also I adjusted my captive portal idle timeout to 4 hours and hard timeout to 8 hours

    My DHCP server lease time is now 12 hours and maximum is 24 hours.


  • Hi,
    This: (previously with  ( give 150 Ip's.
    For a hotel that has 100 rooms, I guess its not enough.

    I have a hotel with 32 room and I'm serving 240 IP's on my 'dedicated' OPT1 (third) interface, this interface is only for portal usage.
    When you shift to / 16 you have approx. 2^16 = 65535  IP's in your DHCP range which will be more the enough.

    In an hotel, most of the time people read their mails, do so some surfing and shut down their devices.
    So an idle time of 15 minutes and a hard time out off about 4 hours will be enough.
    People do sleep in a hotel, that's why they came in the first place :)

    I always left DHCP setting to default. Yours is far to high, eating up all available IP's in 24 hours without being able to be recycled earlier.

  • thank you!

    I only have a Wan and LAN interface. Why would I need a third interface?

    It's good to keep fine tuning!

    I set my dhcp scope from through

    I set my idle timeout to 2 hours and hard timeout 4 hours

    my dhcp lease time is to 4 hours and max 8 hours.

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