GUI Bug on 1.2RC3

  • While debugging a routing issue I noticed that sometimes the OpenVPN webgui seems to do some funky stuff.

    In particular, if I change the port for a OpenVPN server in the GUI from the default to, say, 1196, and then later change it to something else, say, 1195, the /var/etc/openvpn_serverX.conf file still has a 'lport 1196' entry.

    Is this a known issue?

    I fixed my particular problem by just vi'ing the lport to match the correct port I'd set in the GUI.



  • Which version are you on?  A couple of us can't replicate this with 1.2-RC4.

  • 1.2RC3.

    The boxes are ALIX WRAP systems and they're in remote locations so I'm not able to upgrade to 1.2RC4.

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