Problem with Client Especific Overrides

  • I have a problem after upgrades in "Client Specific Overrides".

    In the "Advanced" field put two rules, where each must occupy one line:

    ifconfig-push <ip> <gw> 
    iroute <ip> <mask></mask></ip></gw></ip>

    But when saved the configuration looks like this:

    ifconfig-push <ip> <gw>iroute <ip> <mask></mask></ip></gw></ip>

    So far so good, but after all upgrade this configuration stops working. So I have to edit again and separate with "enter", solving the problem.

    Is this a bug?

  • Sorry, solved.

    Enter any additional options you would like to add for this client specific override, separated by a semicolon
    EXAMPLE: push "route";

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