Followed this guide but getting lots of packet loss and high pings


    Followed this guide to the exact direction.

    Whenever I ping from either side a local IP address such as or (both internal ips on either side) I get a lot of packet loss and always get high pings.

    Both are on cable internet connections that get 30MB down and 4MB up.

    I feel like maybe it's trying to send out a ping thru the wan sometimes instead of the openvpn site to site connection.

    OpenVPN shows the connection is up.

    The client is running on PFSense 2.1 sept 11 2013 release and the server is running on 2.1 beta1 jan 14 2013.

    edit Just updated them to the newest version and now I can't ping them at all. w-t-f :( I looked at the firewall rules. All looks good. Says the VPN is up too on both sides. Any idea whats going on here?

  • Apparently the lag was due to packet loss on the servers wan adapter.

    The stupid part is that server has 2 WAN's. DSL and cable. The OpenVPN server is setup to use the CLUSTER (combined) adapter. My client is setup to connect on either IP address. For some reason the load balancing wouldn't kill the cable connection with the heavy packet loss. Even though in the gateways have settings of 1 and 3 in the packet loss threshold with a down of 4.

    Any idea why the cable connection would not boot itself from the load balancing cluster? :/

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