Clients can't connect after Site to Site Tunnel

  • Hi, all. Any help with this issue would be appreciated. I'm still fairly new to pfSense, so patience is also appreciated.

    For several months now I've been running an OpenVPN server on pfSense at Site A, with an OpenVPN client on pfSense at Site B. This is a peer-to-peer shared key tunnel that routes all LAN traffic from Site B to Site A. This has been working very well since we implemented it.

    However, prior to implementing the site to site tunnel we were using an OpenVPN server at Site B for remote clients to connect back to the Site B LAN. Since the implementation of the site to site tunnel, this has stopped working. Clients can still connect to the OpenVPN server at Site B, but can't access the LAN or Internet. This leads me to believe there's a routing issue, but I can't figure out what it might be.

    I'm not sure what other information would be helpful for troubleshooting, but I'm happy to fetch it.

    Thanks much!

  • Oof. I've narrowed it down to DNS, but I can't figure out for the life of me why it's not working. I've tried giving the clients all manner of DNS server, including local servers. I've also tried not providing DNS servers to the clients. Neither works.

    I'd still appreciate any help anyone might be able to offer.

  • Hmm. No local DNS resolution, but no routes to the Internet either. Frustrating.