Cannot access certain things on OpenVPN

  • Hello everyone,

    I have a setup of pfSENSE as my main DHCP server / Firewall and I use it for a OpenVPN server as well.

    I have a slight issue where I am unable to access my router pages through VPN, but I am able to access my wireless printer, my pfsense weblogin, and my PC remotely via RDC.

    My internal network is assigning ip addresses via 192.168.20.x and my VPN distributes ips via 172.25.15.x

    When I do a traceroute to my ddwrt router ip, it routes it through the vpn ip and then stops there.

    Everything works fine other then that.

    I have one wireless router that is configured basically as a wireless switch and have two repeaters that do the same, and I cannot access them. On the router and the repeaters, the firewall is disabled and are set to Router, not gateway.

    After saying all of this, I highly suspect there may be a wrong setting somewhere possibly on my router and not my box, but I am not 100% sure and could use some advice.


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